Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund
The Bruce Rush Artificial Reef
Established August, 2005
A special project of the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund, 
the Ft. Mill Harry Hampton Fund chapter and the Myrtle Beach area Harry Hampton Fund chapter.
South Carolina’s Offshore Artificial Reefs 

     Over 40 offshore artificial reefs are located in waters along the entire coast of South Carolina. These offshore artificial reefs are known for their productivity and are popular destinations for many recreational anglers and divers.
     South Carolina’s offshore artificial reefs are constructed from a wide variety of materials ranging from various forms of suitable scrap to specifically designed and constructed reef habitat structures. Steel-hulled vessels are the most commonly employed scrap material in reef construction, with over 100 having been sunk off the state since 1969. Other scrap materials recycled on South Carolina reefs include steel and concrete bridges, New York City subway cars, concrete culvert pipe, steel dry dock work platforms and US Army tanks and armored personnel carriers.  
     The Marine Artificial Reef program would not be possible without funds generated by the Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Program and private donations such as those donated to build the 
Bruce Rush Reef.
Bruce T. Rush 
1946 - 2003

     Born November 15, 1946, in Camden, Mr. Rush received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Clemson University in 1969 and 1974. He served in the U.S. Army as a 1st Lieutenant Infantry Advisor in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star in 1971. 
     Mr. Rush began his affiliation with Leroy Springs & Company, Inc, in 1968 at Springs Park. After completing his Masters in 1974, he became general manager of Springmaid Beach In January 1997, he assumed the duties of President and CEO of Leroy Springs & Company, Inc., and was elected to the company’s Board of Directors.
     Active in the community, Mr. Rush served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund until his death. He was also a member of the Catawba River Task Force, Nation Ford Land Trust and the Ft. Mill Chamber of Commerce, National Recreation and Park Association, S.C. Recreation and Park Association, and the American Institute of Park Executives. He served on the York County Accommodations Tax Commission, Success by Six and the United Way. He was a member and 
Sergeant-at-Arms of Rotary International, a recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow and the 1999 Fort Mill Rotarian of the Year.
     Mr. Rush’s company related affiliations included Friends of the Anne Springs Close Greenway, which included the Prairie Project, and the John Deere Association. He was associated with Good Folks and the Boys and Girls Clubs. Mr. Rush was instrumental in developing the elder hostel program at Springmaid Beach and also served on the Horry County School Board for five years. He was a deacon and elder at Unity Presbyterian Church in Fort Mill and worked with youth groups for a number of years at 1st Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach.
     Mr. Rush was an avid hunter and angler with a special fondness for the natural resources of 
South Carolina.
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Boat Sinking - March, 2006